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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

When you have a small, local business, it can be difficult to understand why you would need a website. You may be well known in the community already and have plenty of customers from word of mouth alone. This can even be the case with some large companies.

So, if you already have customers and are happy with your incoming work, why do you need a website?

1. 24/7 information.

Your website could be working even when you're not. In this age of technology and readily accessible information, why make your clients or customers wait until working hours for information about your company and services?

2. More customers.

When searching for small businesses, customers often come across business listings, such as Yell, rather than a website. There is not much information in these listings and competitors with websites will be considered first, as they seem more established. Being available online also makes you accessible to potential customers that have not yet heard of you.

3. Credibility and professionalism.

As above, a website makes a business seem more established and credible. A professional website will in turn make your company come across as more professional.

4. Marketing opportunities.

You can update advertisements on your website at any time, unlike printing 500 flyers and realising you would like to make a change. Advertising on a website also means that more customers will know about your great offers, increasing sales.

5. Keep customers informed.

You can add updates and news to your website to keep current customers informed. This is a great way to keep in touch with customers that will potentially want to work with you again. Customers and clients often enjoy being part of a company's community.

6. Showcase your work.

There is no better feeling than doing great work and being able to show it off. You can add your best work to the website in order to show what your business can do and encourage customers to get in touch.

7. Saves money.

When you consider ongoing costs for print marketing - flyers/posters/newspaper ads, etc. - the one off cost of having a website built could actually save you money as there would be less need for print.

8. Saves time.

Having all information available on a website means less phone calls and emails for basic information about your business and services, freeing up your time to work on the business itself.

Do you think you need a website for your business? Get in touch if you would like a chat about how our services can work for you.

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